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Supply Chain
For over 50 years, we have worked in close partnership with Russian, Hungarian, Austrian, Slovenian and German railways.


With our own reloading point and specialised staff at our duty free terminal, we provide expert services and are in the position to ensure timely, efficient and safe DAP delivery of pulp to our european paper mills, which provides a smooth exchange between producers and buyers.


  In 2007 we opened a new reloading point for shipping at the container terminal in St. Petersburg. From there we deliver with various shipping companies APL, CMA, CGM, OOCL our paper shipments to South Asia and throughout Europe.

On both loading points we arrange the entire terminal handling. Our services include: cargo reloading at borders, distribution and sorting of incoming cargo, unitization of pulp bales, storage, provision of large-scale sliding wall waggons as well as containers. Due to that we can guarantee a clean handling and deliveries on time.

As we are operating in a globalized financial world, we attach great importance to financing issues. Financing not only includes granting of credit, but also hedging instruments to reduce risks related to fluctuations in interest and exchange rates on the financial market.
For more than 30 years we have maintained a close partnership with our prime bankers.

In terms of financial risk management, we as asset managers and licensed equity, futures, bond, foreign exchange and money market dealers, manage our interest and foreign exchange exposure in the money, capital and OTC markets with modern money market instruments, as well as derivatives such as outright forward, options, currency and interest swap.


Customer Relationship Management
Our main aim with regard to customer relationship management is to deliver utmost service quality. This is duly reflected in the biannual ISO standard supplier ratings by our customers.

One of our primary goals in customer relationship management is to ensure continuous availability for our customers and suppliers

Market Monitoring
Continuous market monitoring allows us to keep track of developments and get transparent information on the volatile pulp market. This includes establishing permanent direct dialogue with the media, with our customers and suppliers as well as participation in international paper and pulp fairs.
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