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Executive Summary
Only very few countries worldwide have sufficient wood resources. One of them is Russia, with whom we have entered into a close partnership. We are proud of our over 50 years of experience in carrying out business with Russia and the CIS.

Our business activity started out in 1953, when my father founded a trading company in Vienna, named Rudolf Pisec, Holzgroßhandel (wood wholesale). Our trading partner, amongst others, was the Moscow-based state-owned monopoly company "Exportles" for wood, pulp and paper. Already at that time it was one of our major goals to establish a long-term partnership between producers and paper industry.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union and following the succession of the company Rudolf Pisec, I established the company R. Pisec Zellstoff at the same domicile in Vienna with a clear focus on pulp supply for the paper and cardboard producing industry.

Our key aim has been to foster close collaboration between the privatised Russian pulp industry and the Austrian/European paper industry, which has allowed us to develop into a coordinating entity for the various industrial activities between the countries.

In 1992 we established a close partnership with the Ilim Group and are proud to look back at over 20 years of successful, continuous business relations. This continuity has enabled us to build a relationship of trust between the Ilim Group, R. Pisec Zellstoff and the paper mills that has led to a steady increase in turnover. During this period we have acquired know-how in our fields of activity including logistics, financing, market monitoring and technology transfer, that has given us the expert status that we enjoy in this industry today.

In 1999 we became founding member of the Russian Association of Pulp and Paper Manufactures RAO “Bumprom” based in Moscow.

  Today we are honoured to have been among the first companies that concluded agreements directly with Russian paper and pulp fabrication companies immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union and that in 1992 was the first foreign company that signed export agreements with the Russian Ilim Group company.

Tradition has always had a high value in our company.
— Reinhard Pisec

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